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Truck driver recruiting agency with $23,000 in TTM revenue and $6,125 in TTM profit that is a solutions provider to the trucking industry. Our web automation is capable of sourcing, nurturing, and sharing driver leads with carriers in real-time. In an industry that is short 100,000+ drivers, this speedy process gives our clients the advantage they need to hire drivers before the competition.

✅ $23,000 in TTM revenue

✅ $6,125 in TTM profit

✅ $5,500 in revenue last month

✅ Tech: Zapier

✅ Competitors: ConversionIA, Hightower Agency, Seated Social

The trucking industry is crucial to the United States economy and is in desperate need of technological innovation across the board. We have started our journey by providing carriers with driver recruiting solutions.

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Hightower Agency
Seated Social

Growth Opportunity

First growth opportunity is to keep growing the current model. This current model could reach about $5 million in revenue per year with the right resources. The biggest growth opportunity is using the audience of truck drivers we build by providing our services to our clients.

Any product, brand, SaaS, app, service, etc. designed for truck drivers could instantly reach thousands of drivers nationwide because the driver recruiting model builds that audience.

Truck driver pay is skyrocketing because of the driver shortage, with some drivers earning six-figures per year. We have a large audience that is currently underserved and they all have plenty of money to spend.
Over 300% revenue growth from August to September
Increase digital marketing
Increase content marketing
Expand to new markets
Social media marketing

Key Assets

Audience of 1,000+ drivers after 2 months of business
Marketing materials

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