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Agency with $4,000,000 in TTM revenue and $800,000 in TTM profit that specializes in marketing and advertising services. A team of specialists fully integrated and results-oriented. Advertising, social media, integrated design, strategy, brand development, and data-driven marketing are just the tip of the iceberg. We do almost everything, and we do it well.

✅ $4,000,000 in TTM revenue

✅ $800,000 in TTM profit

✅ $275,000 in revenue last month

✅ Raised $370,000 in funding

✅ Competitors: Design Pickle, Flocksy

We’re strategic. We’re creative. We’re passionate. We don’t get sick, we don’t take vacation days, and we do the work of an army of rapid-paced employees for the price of just one.

Tech Stack

Productized Service


Design Pickle

Growth Opportunity

We take on all kinds of projects and have been lucky enough to work with clients across a broad spectrum of sectors. When you work with Dingus and Zazzy, you are guaranteed innovative solutions for and dedication to every project — with just a hint of eccentricity. We exist to help you, so let’s chat.

Finding marketing experts can be expensive and frustrating. We do the work of an entire department so that you can get back to running your business. If you are a dreamer, a visionary or just plain ambitious, we invite you to talk with us. Even if most people don’t get you, we will.

Growing at 1700%. 100 mil + in less than 5 years.

Improve conversion rates
Increase digital marketing
Increase content marketing
Hire a B2B sales team
Add new product features
Expand to new markets

Key Assets

1700% growth since Jan of 2021
Codebase and IP
Social media accounts
Marketing materials
Mobile application

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