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eCommerce brand with $531,000 in TTM revenue and $146,000 in TTM profit that offers hundreds of pieces of affordable high-quality unique artwork. Started this business during COVID's peak intensity in 2020 to encourage people to start their own businesses, stay motivated, and decorate their homes and offices with artwork that they could not find anywhere else. This business has been profitable from the very first month.

✅ $531,596 in TTM revenue

✅ $146,000 in TTM profit

✅ $57,595 in revenue last month

✅ $9,690 in profit last month

✅ Competitors: Online artwork

Our shop sells motivational and pop artwork on premium canvas and has the ability to easily offer other product lines. The prices of our artwork range from $89 - $650+. The average order value is $350+. This has become a BRAND.

Tech Stack



Online artwork

Growth Opportunity

✅ Product line expansion (easy with current manufacturing vendor)
✅ Continue to scale Facebook & Google Ads
✅ Continue to scale Etsy store (recently started and doing very well)
✅ Engage on Tik Tok and social media
✅ Increase Influencer Marketing
✅ Collaborations with furniture sites
✅ Collaboration with Business Magazines (one magazine is already interested in featuring the brand)

We offer flawless design, a top-notch website (additional custom coding), and best-in-class customer service. This is a Print-on-demand business (POD) that requires no inventory and has automation/API in place that requires very little to no manual work for the owner. We have the ability to sell internationally with our printing vendor who has locations across the globe (quick and easy shipping to the customer).

Overall, this business can be on auto-pilot if the new owner desires. Very little active management is needed. Processing orders is automated 99% of the time. Custom orders require some manual processing. Customer service emails are sporadic and can take the most time (hours a week at the most). Coming up with new designs is a great idea to expand the business (contact info of designers will be included). Managing paid social or monitoring Ad agencies should take very little time.

Improve conversion rates
Increase digital marketing
Increase content marketing
Add new product features
Focus on SEO
Social media marketing

Key Assets

Codebase and IP
Social media accounts
Marketing materials

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