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Profitable eCommerce business with $360,000 in TTM revenue and $235,000 (2020 year) in TTM profit in the health & beauty niche that is offering you an opportunity to set up in French-speaking countries (France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg) in a sector with huge growth potential.

✅ $480,000 in TTM revenue

✅ $300,000 in TTM profit

✅ $10,000 in revenue last month

✅ $5,000 in profit last month

✅ Competitors: Beaute-produit, Coinbeaute, Vitabeaute

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The new owner could develop the activity on the wellness and seniors. As well, COVID-19 crisis showed us that health and wellness remain the cornerstone of every human being. That's why, in my opinion, these two sectors more particularly have a huge future potential on the internet these next years.

The new owner doesn't need specific skills or knowledge. However, of course, it's better if he/she already has experience in e-commerce.

In 2019, I started to take a close interest in SEO. I quickly understood the huge online demand for health and beauty products. So that's why I decided to create this company's website ("daily healthy" in english) using SEO tools only. The website is also fully structured using the best SEO strategies. Important : I didn't make any ads about products, I only retargeted the website visitors or buyers using Facebook and Google spending $3000 from december 2019 until now (I can provide evidences if necessary).

I am currently working on two big projects : developing an international Art gallery and an accounting services company in Thailand first, then in Asia. These two big goals take a lot of my time, I also prefer to focus my energy and my time on these goals. That's why I recently took the decision to sell this business despite the huge growth potential. It's also a great opportunity for a future buyer, professional or private individual as well.

The new owner will have to fulfill orders using Dropified app, answering to emails using Gmail, importing new products from Aliexpress using dropified, working on SEO or advertising campaigns.

- No stock, using dropshipping only
- 1K free daily traffic from search engines
- Powerful domain name for health
- Recurring customers
- Passive income

All revenues of the website reported in the store's performance come from Shopify. Website is margin 65% in average.

Increase digital marketing
Increase content marketing
Add new product features
Focus on SEO

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