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Mobile app (on iOS and Android) with $7,396.57 in TTM revenue (since May 2021) and $2,571.64 in TTM profit from display advertising (AdMob). The company also operates a drop shipping selling crystals, jewelry, and a collection of resources for the Wicca/witchcraft community. Revenue breakdown is 56% dropshipping sales, 44% advertising.

✅ $7,396 in TTM revenue (since 5/10/2021)

✅ $2,571 in TTM profit

✅ $2,046 in revenue last month

✅ $549 in profit last month

✅ Tech: Goodbarber, AdMob, Firebase, Shopify, Oberlo

The company also owns a mailing list of ~27,000 subscribers. The apps are native to both platforms, built on the Goodbarber app builder platform.The apps have a long track record of good reviews and downloads, so ASO is strong.

Profit severely hampered by $1612.84 spent on ineffective growth contractors May-August (since fired).

Tech Stack

Goodbarber, AdMob, Firebase, Shopify, Oberlo


Narvii Inc.
Lots of copycat apps

Growth Opportunity

1. Time commitment: this has been an extremely-neglected side project.
2. Rebuild the app: Community is thriving despite the current app's limitations. A custom-built app could make the community stickier and increase ad revenue.
3. Become a marketplace for related services: Users within the app are consistently seeking help getting started or psychic readings. New owner could work with teachers in the space or psychic/tarot readers to create a platform through which those folks sell their services (and you take a cut of that revenue).
4. Improve ecommerce experience: This was my first foray into dropshipping, so I admittedly had/have no idea what I'm doing. A seasoned dropshipper could likely improve the results quickly.
5. Improve email marketing: We have a list of ~27,000 subscribers that we're not utilizing effectively.
Improve conversion rates
Add new product features

Key Assets

Codebase and IP
Mobile application

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