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Profitable Saas platform with $48,060 in TTM revenue and $13,450 in TTM profit that offers an untraditional, niche solution that brings everything to do with managing a creative project into one place, from the initial brief all the way through to delivery.

✅ $48,060 in TTM revenue

✅ $13,450 in TTM profit

✅ Tech: React JS + AWS Amplify

✅ Founded in 2020

✅ Competitors: Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and Workflow Max (by Xero)

Tech Stack

React JS + AWS Amplify


Workflow Max (by Xero)

Growth Opportunity

The market opportunity globally is enormous, even given the current saturated SaaS market. They are almost all generic products, few are targeted specifically at the creative & marketing sector and even less get it right or understand their target customer.

There are 10,000-20,000 marketing agencies in the UK alone, plus the in-house equivalent in every company above a certain size. The freelancer market is growing and shifting and in the UK certainly, there is a huge reliance on freelancers for creative work. Our product was built with this front and centre, managing everything (where others only help manage one or two aspects well, or manage everything but very poorly).

Growing the audience outside of the UK, with the right marketing and sales budget, would provide enormous opportunity.

Growing beyond just the initial target niche we identified expands this even further. We always planned on expanding to other sectors - e.g. events (not to compete with EventBrite, but to help manage all the assets and deliverables every event needs in the run-up), photography, web publishing - anything that can be managed electronically in a high-volume team.

Business assets include a fully functional, live SaaS product (bespoke built platform) aimed at the creative and marketing sector across all industries. Comes with designs for future modules, Jira board set up, AWS instance up and running, social media platforms, marketing website, domains, codebase, IP and marketing materials as well as the freelance contacts (devs, UX & UI designers and marketing) who have worked on the product since the beginning (if wanted).

Needs an entrepreneur or business with a strong marketing & sales function in place, looking to propel an awesome SaaS product into the global marketplace.

Increase digital marketing
Hire a B2B sales team
Add new product features
Expand to new markets
Social media marketing

Key Assets

Codebase and IP
Social media accounts
Marketing materials

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