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Profitable SaaS with $182,000 in ARR and $135,000 in TTM revenue that automatically processes fees for customers who late cancel or no-show to classes at fitness studios and gyms. Direct revenue generator for small businesses.

✅ $135,000 in TTM revenue

✅ $90,000 in TTM profit

✅ $13,939 in revenue last month

✅ $9,500 in profit last month

✅ Competitors:, AXLE CRM

Also increases client accountability and opens up unused spots in classes. The company integrates with popular fitness POS platforms to automate tasks studio managers would normally handle manually.

Tech Stack



Growth Opportunity

- This is an asset sale of one of our products that has been in use since 2017. Also included in the sale is a newly built feature for waitlist management (pre-revenue) as well as an integration with a second provider which is likely to generate new revenue moving forward.
- Profit calculations exclude support staff and software developer costs.
- Integrated Stripe metrics include revenue from a new product we have launched that makes up about $2k in MRR, which is NOT part of this sale.

Pricing adjustments - consider a rev-share model versus a flat rate monthly fee.

Outreach - calling studios who might need this software and educating them on the benefits of a late cancel / no show policy. Can also be accomplished with inbound marketing and/or good social targeting.

Features - continue to differentiate by building features and products customers request. Substantial list of past customers new features and products could be marketed to. Included in the sale is a new waitlist management feature we just built.

Additional integration partners - We are already working on integrating with another provider. The code that has been built for that integration would be included in this sale.
Grow business from new integration partner
Market the new waitlist management feature
Improve conversion rates
Increase digital marketing
Hire a B2B sales team
Add new product features
Expand to new markets
Social media marketing

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Codebase and IP
Marketing materials

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