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Profitable SaaS with $140,000 in ARR and $41,872 in TTM revenue that uses data from the Google SERPs to make smarter keyword decisions. It eliminates costly mistakes and reduces keyword research time by 90%.

✅ $41,872 in TTM revenue

✅ $10,000 in TTM profit

✅ $11,098 in revenue last month

✅ $3,500 in profit last month

✅ Competitors: KeywordCupid, SurferSEO

Tech Stack

Typescript, AWS (DNS, S3, Lambda, etc)


Growth Opportunity


- 95%+ (estimated) keyword research is still done manually.

- Manual keyword research is problematic for several reasons.

- There are only a handful of tools that automate keyword research using data from Google’s SERPs

- The industry has not yet been educated, and most do not know automated keyword research is possible.

- I predict most SEOs will be doing automated keyword research in 2-3 years


- There are several automated keyword research tools that use data from Google’s SERPs.

- This startup is the only battle proven solution with more than 65k page 1 keywords and have been using it internally for 3 years to grow 4 projects from 0 to 100,000+ organics/month before we made it public

- The fastest hit 100,000 organics/month in 8 months, the largest is doing 500,000+ organics/month in month 16.

- Using a keyword research tool that isn’t battle proven is irresponsible if you know there are proven alternatives

- It will take years for competitors to earn 'battle proven' and replicate case studies on their own, or from their customers


Launched = October 2020

Landing Page Visitors = 3,558

Free Trials = 1,593 (44% of website visitors convert to free trial)

Notable brands.= Thinkific, Carmax, Fiverr

Total Paid Subscribers to Date = 172 (10.7% free trials convert to paid)

AOV = $170

LTV = $591+ (and growing)

MRR = $12,000

ARR = $144,000


- 100% organic until $135k ARR

- Facebook Group, community engagement, email list, case studies, opinions on SEO, etc

- Started experimenting with SEO sponsorships and Facebook Ads in March 2021


Subscription pricing ranging from $49 to $699 per month.

- For direct customers and consultants our product provides years of value in month 1 & 2, longer subscription not needed

- Affiliates and agencies managing large portfolios have high retention and will spend $2,500 - $4,000 per year

We launched 6 months ago and......

1 Customer has spent more than $2,000

6 Customers have spent more than $1,000

13 Customers have spent more than $700

25 Customers have spent more than $600


Most of our customer base use on-page optimization tools that they will retain for long periods of time. Build functionality similar to Frase, Copyscope, SurferSEO, POP, Cora, etc.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign to the top 1000 SEO agencies, affiliates, and portfolio owners with consistent keyword research needs.


- Rights to use 4 case studies (0 to 100k+), 20+ YouTube Videos & 15+ SEO Thought Leadership

- Email addresses of 1,500+ users

- We will go on 25 - 100+ podcasts promoting the acquisition & driving new audience to ClusterAi

- We will provide Go-To-Market in your community through AMAs, webinars and answering questions
Our entire marketing effort has been inbound. Our top customers spend $2,000 - $4,000 per year. Direct outreach to our most valuable buyer persona - larger agencies and organizations running large networks of sites
All of our customers use an on-page optimization tool like Frase, Clearscope, SurferSEO, POP, etc. Building this functionality into ClusterAi is a very clear next step for increasing retention.

Key Assets

Codebase and IP
Marketing materials

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