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Virtual assistant service with $300,000 in recurring revenue aimed at helping local service companies create a better workflow, increase efficiency and grow their business.

✅ $265,177.28 in TTM revenue

✅ $66,250 in TTM profit

✅ $27,000 in revenue last month

✅ $6,750 in profit last month

✅ Competitors: Ruby Receptionist, Upwork or PriorityVA

We provides virtual assistants and virtual office managers to local business owners (for example, cleaning & painting companies). We focus on helping them grow their business instead of running it by providing dedicated virtual assistants with prior administrative and local business experience.

For example, we regularly handle the following tasks for local business owners:

-Book Customers over the phone, website, thumbtack or industry-specific marketing channels.

-Schedule teams, coordinate with them before, during and after the job.

-Handle emails, customer issues, and customer follow-up.

-Daily administrative tasks that come up . -Customer outreach.

What was total revenue last month?

$27,000 in August and September is expected to be higher.

What was total profit last month?

Roughly 25% or $6750

What was your last 12-month's revenue?

(Trailing 12 Months) $265,177.28 trailing

What was your last 12-month's profit?

(Trailing 12 Months) Roughly 25% or $66250 trailing

What was total revenue for 2019?


What was total profit for 2019?

$46000 owners salary

How many customers do you have?

22 active + 4 new onboarding right now (26 total)

What technology stack is this product built on?

A custom coded CRM for time reports + simple invoicing software.

Do you have a financial summary or P&L?


Tech Stack

A custom coded CRM for time reports + simple invoicing software


Ruby Receptionist

Growth Opportunity

The receptionist programme has roughly 20-30% profit margins so it is profitable as well.
Double down on new virtual receptionist service
Target specific niche partnerships.
Offer a whitelabel service to agency owners
$265,177.28 TTM revenue
$66,250 TTM profit
26 paying customers

Key Assets

Domain name
Marketing/Sales materials
Customer list
Email list
Detailed systems/processes and walkthroughs
Social media accounts

# of Customers


Team Size


Trailing Twelve Months Revenue (TTMR)


Trailing Twelve Months Profit (TTMP)


Last Month's Revenue


Last Month's Profit



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