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Profitable SaaS with $769,633 in TTM revenue and $338,167 in TTM profit that provides quick securing of NFTs, sneakers, clothing, and much more. Investing in this could be one of the greatest investments you make by being the dominant player in such a large industry with tremendous room to grow.

✅ $769,633 in TTM revenue

✅ $338,167 in TTM profit

✅ $67,764 in revenue last month

✅ $30,102 in profit last month

✅ Raised $100,000 in funding

✅ 107,000 followers, 30k SMS list, and 38k emails

✅ Competitors: AIO Bot, Balko, NSB

This platform is the most advanced, lightning-fast bot to date. With our robust back-end and simple interface, this bot is made to last. The only all-in-one iOS solution to securing NFTs, Sneakers, Apparel, Collectibles, and more.

Tech Stack

Website - Webflow, Bot - Node.js with TypeScript, Google Cloud Functions and app compute, MongoDB for database, and React for admin UI.


Other women's clothing brands

Growth Opportunity

Every drop that we launch does $50,000+ with a simple text blast.

We have done $1,727,000 in lifetime revenue on version 2.0 in 2 years.

3.0 is now made and ready to go live with an NFT toolbox aspect - We could see this being a $500k/m behemoth in current market conditions.

1. It's currently on a one-time fee model. Pivot to an MRR model, and it would do insanely well.

2. NFT Toolbox - Nobody on the market has made this yet. We are the first! Huge marketing and first player position here.

3. Crypto MRR - Nothing like it ever made. Imagine 0 chargebacks.

4. Text list has never been squeezed. 7 figure profit list if blasted correctly.

5. Over 100+ Youtube videos bringing in consistent traffic. There is an opportunity to grow here as well.

6. Scaling the current paid marketing and expanding into new social channels.

- 107,000+ Instagram followers @addikt
- 30,800+ SMS list
- 38,000+ Email list
Improve conversion rates
Increase digital marketing
Expand to new markets
Social media marketing
Increase pricing
Increase content marketing
Add new product features
Focus on SEO

Key Assets

Discounted rates with our design studio
After-sale support & consulting
Marketing materials
Social media accounts
Codebase and IP

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