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Profitable SaaS company with $478,084 in TTM revenue and $108,798 in TTM profit that provides hand-curated content suggestions for individuals and companies to share on social media. The USP is each and every post is hand-reviewed by our remote working team.

✅ $478,084 in TTM revenue

✅ $108,798 in TTM profit

✅ $52,195 in revenue last month

✅ $15,000 in profit last month

✅ Competitors:, Curata, UpContent

The other side to this company is the content promotion service which provides a way for content creators to promote their own content as content suggestions to our network of sharers. Because of our automated sharing option, we can guarantee a number of shares based on the interest topic of submissions.

Tech Stack

Laravel PHP, Javascript, AWS (ec2 / RDS / SQS), MySQL


Growth Opportunity

Launching a new content community feature inside of both company and company's Promote dashboards will aim to provide creators with a platform to connect with new relevant audiences and readers with a way to find new things to read and content creators to follow. Creators can boost their submissions with company's Promote during the Discover submission process which we believe will attract and retain a wider audience and ultimately reduce our churn. Each creator will have their own content profile/portfolio where readers can follow them, subscribe to their newsletter, or even premium content which paves the way for even more future revenue growth.
Increase content marketing
Add new product features
Social media marketing

Key Assets

Saas tools we have built in-house such as: - Dunning tool that has recovered tens of thousands of $ for the company - Social media scheduling tool that is the second most used scheduling tool at the company.
Complete custom admin app that includes our sophisticated content review system, management stats dashboard, user data and link management.
Facebook group with over 1k members
Social media accounts

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