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Profitable B2B SaaS with $37,000 in ARR and $35,000 in TTM revenue that manages and automates repeatable processes (SOPs). With strong subscription & expansion revenue model, and traction in a highly active and expanding market, this SaaS is poised for long and sustainable growth.

✅ $35,000 in TTM revenue

✅ $18,000 in TTM profit

✅ $3,000 in revenue last month

✅ $2,200 in profit last month

✅ Competitors:, Asana, Clickup

The product is well-built with a clean design that customers love. The marketing site and video content library made this a recognized brand among agencies and other online businesses.

In addition to the SaaS product itself, it's public Zapier integration (included in the sale) has been a popular asset for our customers, providing highly flexible integration capabilities.

This is a unique opportunity to pick up an amazing SaaS business with early traction, ready for growth.

Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails


Growth Opportunity

The founder has turned his focus to a different company, so this presents an opportunity for someone new to build on a really strong foundation and momentum.

The core product is well-built and powerful, but there are many specific feature requests from users that can be explored.

Increasing prices and implementing an onboarding fee also present exciting opportunities to expand into teams and build loyal, long-term lifetime value.

SEO content has shown promising results and has plenty of room to grow and double-down. Integrations and other un-tapped marketing channels present additional opportunities for growth.

The product has strong traction and name recognition among digital agencies and client services. A beautiful marketing website, great domain, extensive video content, blog content, and email marketing automation give it a really strong foundation for growth.
Increase pricing
Add new product features
Focus on SEO

Key Assets

Zapier integration
Video assets
Support knowledge base
Email marketing automations
Codebase and IP
Social media accounts
Marketing materials

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