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Profitable SaaS license, banking & payment processing platform with $960,000 in ARR and $649,081 in TTM revenue that helps companies build financial services into their products and launch vertical banking services to their cross-border (the US to Global) users. Though we are focused on cross-border, our API can enable clients to build a neo bank in the US on top of us. We process ~$5million in transactions volume ( ~5K transactions) monthly. We have moved $20M+ YTD in transaction volume already in 2021. We have 12+ B2B active paid clients and additional 10+ clients ( contract signed ) currently integrating our API and 50+ hot leads. Our revenue model is a monthly SaaS fee plus transaction volume fee. Today, we are originating transactions from the US and Canada and most of our clients do P2P remittance trasactions, we have few cleints currently testing Global Bill Pay services ( we have 93 countries coverage , ~900+ billers). We will be launching B2B API by EOY. We have 40+ countries' settlement coverage atm focused on South East Asia and Africa ( LATAM by EOY). Once a clients integrates with our single API, they don't need to worry about acquiring 50 states licensing coverage for money transfer, merchant processing (ACH or Debit), KYC/KYB/AML compliance stack, demand deposit accounts, and last-mile delivery of the funds. We come with all the necessary bank relationship, partnership agreement with service providers, tech stack, and compliance toolkit like ' bank in the box'. Our clients are building cross-border payment and money transfer applications and can offer banking services to their users where we do all the heavy lifting on compliance, bank relationships so they can build, launch and grow faster. Potential Buyer who wants our business for one of many reason. Here are few those who wants to start : a. Online Remittance b. Digital Wallet for peer-to-peer transactions c. Outsourced Resouces payment d. Cross-border business payments e. Online banking to deposit, receive, send and spend f. Marketplace payments for vendors g. Global Bill Payment h. Facilitate direct localized payments i. Invoicing. We have 2 US Team members and 50 team members are in South East Asia doing the development work.

✅ $649,081 in TTM revenue

✅ $71,295 in revenue last month

✅ Raised $500,000 in funding

✅ Competitors: Nium, Rapyd Our mission is to remove the barriers to offering valuable financial products, and we are building ' banking for cross-border businesses.

Tech Stack

Framework: J2EE, Grails, Flask, SpringBoot Languages: Java, Python, Groovy, Java Script Client: JavaScript, Angular, React Native, IOS/Android native apps DB and stores: PostgresSQL, Mysql, SQS, JMS Server: Wildfly, Tomcat DevOps: GIT, Docker, Jenkins, TerraForm, Graphana Cloud services: AWS Extras: nginx, Tomcat


Legacy Banks

Growth Opportunity

Can grow 100X
Improve conversion rates
Increase pricing
Increase digital marketing
Increase content marketing
Hire a B2B sales team
Add new product features
Expand to new markets
Focus on SEO
Social media marketing

Key Assets

Partnership with FIs and service provider along with cleints
Agreements with all partners
Built in compliance tool kit
Built in payout rails
Built in Bank and FIs relationship and integration
Codebase and IP
Social media accounts
Marketing materials

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