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You Are an Investopreneur & This Is Where You Belong.

Don't Feel Alone In Your Journey. Get The Support You Deserve.

We have meticulously designed our entire community experience so you no longer have to feel alone in your journey as an investopreneur. You belong here. 

You Are An Investopreneur. Now Act Like One & Your Life Will Be Different Forever.

If you have ever dreamed of achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship, but don’t have the luxury of taking insane risks, then let us show you step-by-step how to take action now. 

Freedom Is Your Right. We'll Teach You What You Need To Systematize Your Business.

Investopreneurs understand that your time is the most valuable commodity you have. We will take you through and show you how to build business systems that save you time and maximize your profit. 

Make A Difference That Matters.

We live by the ethos that you get more by giving than by taking. That is why 10% of all our community profit and 100% of all profit from It’s The Capital Call podcast is donated to the Empowerment Fund to invest in our children’s future. Be apart of something great and become an investopreneur today!

What Do You Get As A Premium Buyer?

Get Help Finding a Deal. Finding The Right Deal Can Mean Millions.

As a Premium Buyer you will have access to our full network of Venture Scouts to support you on your journey whenever you need it. Need help finding a deal? Let us know and you will have the power of our entire network searching your deal criteria on your behalf and send you the best options. 

Get Help Financing a Deal. Buying Right Can Be The Difference Between Failure & Success.

Once you find your ideal acquisition, our team can help you strategize on the best possible way to approach the financing. That may mean helping you negotiate seller-financing through strategic deal structuring, or perhaps connecting you with one of our financing partners you leverage the existing business revenue to float the transaction. 

Get Help Running a Technical Due Diligence On Your Deal. Unknown Risk Can Tank Even The Best Structured Deal.

Our Premium Buyers will get access to our vetted partners who can help you screen any proposed acquisitions from a technical lens to make sure everything is up to snuff. This is often times the riskiest and scariest part of buying a virtual business, so we’ve made it simple for you to get peace of mind support. 

Get Access to Legal Documents. Save Thousands On Legal Bills.

Inside the Private Community you will have access to dozens of turn-key legal templates that you can take to your attorney out-of-the-box and hopefully save thousands of dollars on unnecessary billable hours. 

Get Help Scaling Your Company. Implementing Simple Systems Is The Best Way to an ROI.

Our Premium Buyers have access to our proprietary process to put systems in place to takeover and optimize a business for sustainability, profitability and market value. If you need extra help implementing the step-by-step blueprint, then you can tap into our network of certified Venture Scouts to step in and deliver results for you. 

Get Access to All of Our Blueprints. Save Time & Money By Cloning What Works.

We have spent thousands of hours documenting what has worked well in our own companies, our clients businesses and have interviewed world class entrepreneurs and subject matter experts documenting their feedback. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel and just copy & paste our step-by-step blueprints. 

Access All of Our Partner Deals. Save Thousands of Dollars Operating Your Business.

We have leveraged our network and economies of scale to negotiate some of the best cost savings on tools and resources that you can utilize to take your business from scale to sale. Don’t needlessly waste more money than you have to and take advantage of thousands of dollars in cost savings. 

How Do We Deliver Value On Your Journey?

Our primary goal is to give our investopreneurs a place where they belong, and that is delivered immediately after upgrading with registration into the startupXchange community and Premium Buyers Club group. 


Once you are an active member in the group with your profile setup, we look to direct ALL of our new members to take the Investopreneur Blueprint which will help you self-identify with where you are on your journey, and in the process, decide if you want to go down that path of either Buying or Building first. 


Completing this Blueprint also flows right into our Freedom Blueprint, which is designed in partnership with the Empowerment Fund to help folks get in control of their financial future with a process driven approach to budgeting and planning. A critical step for any Investopreneur to complete prior to continuing down their selected path. 


Once you choose your Buy or Build path forward, we look to push our new investopreneurs into one of our Challenge Blueprints ASAP that supports either journey. 


If you are a first time Investopreneur, then we would suggest you follow the Build path & accept our challenge to launch either a Simple Product (newsletter) or Service (consultancy) business first.  


If you are selecting the Buy path, then we look to introduce you to our Scout Services, which are on-demand and a part of your membership plan. By working with a Venture Scout you’ll have an army of qualified folks helping you find the best deal in the market for you to acquire & then work with you through the vetting and closing process. 


Our challenge is to either have you Build or Buy within your first 90 days of membership. 


After you have either Built or Bought, we then suggest our Investopreneurs continue their journey by adopting our Simple Profits program, which is a business system methodology designed to take your business from scale to sale. For serious investopreneurs, we suggest you jump right into the Four Quarter Scale to Sale challenge, which is a structured approach designed around peer accountabilities to get you to the point of a sale within a 12 month period. 


If we can help you get to your first acquisition within the initial 12 – 24 months, that is a massive win! Afterwards, you can continue your journey by leveling up and acquiring a larger asset to repeat the process via the exchange. 


Every week we are populating the community with fresh new Blueprints, which are all simple and practical guides that you can implement to solve real life problems in your business.


We are here to help every Investopreneur achieve their Freedom Number, whatever it may be. For anyone that works at Blue Collar Capital, it’s $10M or more. What’s yours?



Premium Buyers Club

$297.00 every 3 months with a 3-day free trial and a $1.00 sign-up fee

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